Episode 14: What is Citizenship?

Three Andover faculty members offer their interpretations.

What does the term citizenship mean? Does it relate to place of birth or residency? What are the requirements of citizenship and have those requirements evolved over time? Who determines citizenship and by what criteria? We’ve been trying to answer this question in as many ways as possible in the classroom, during All-School Meetings and with varied guest speakers on campus. Citizenship is not only the theme for Andover’s 2017-2018 academic year but a pressing issue that is affecting everyone around the globe. Since September 2017, more than 20 guest speakers—recruited from departments across campus—have touched on the theme of citizenship. Their talks have addressed a range of timely issues and spurred ongoing conversations on topics such as gender-based violence, politics and identity, climate and economic policy, citizenship and race, and others. 

The winter 2018 issue of Andover magazine explores the complexities of citizenship. Andover faculty were asked to contribute to the conversation and write essays on their experiences and interpretations. We then asked three of them—Marisela Ramos, Elizabeth Meyer and, Eric Roland—to read their essays for Every Quarter.