Episode 30: The Economics of Climate Change with Jisung Park ’04

Jisung Park 04 is an assistant professor at UCLA, with joint appointments at the Luskin School of Public Affairs (Public Policy) and the Fielding School of Public Health (Environmental Health Sciences). He is also the founder and codirector of Sense & Sustainability, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating leaders with a holistic understanding of sustainability and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue solutions.

Park’s introductory economics class at Andover gave him an entirely new lens to view the world, through which he recognized climate change is the “ultimate global public good problem” and that economics could be a tool for helping people better understand and take action against its disastrous effects. After Andover, Park attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He then moved on to Harvard, where his groundbreaking research shed light on how climate change will affect human productivity and economic health.